In the present daylight, an entire industry is mushrooming up to provide custom written articles/papers to students of various levels of education. Custom writing refers to writing a content, which refers to some specific purposes. Such as essay, term papers, research papers, thesis, speeches, reports, reviews, course works, case studies or dissertation, university level assignment etc. It is called as custom writing, because it requires customization for every kind of articles as per the needs. The people who need to write customized articles of specific kinds outsource this service to custom writers, scholars etc.

For every other kind of above stated categories a specialist or expert can write customized articles for the required needs. They are people who offer their service to the people who need custom writing and they charge amount to them. They give advice regarding the content, matter, with 100% plagiarism. 


Custom writing services are offered for following categories:

ESSAYS - For writing school or college level Essays, skilled people offer custom writing service.

TERM PAPER - It is like a research paper for the scholars and is a written proficiently, original work discussing a topic in detail, usually several typed pages in length and is often due at the end of a semester.

RESEARCH PAPER - It is a research paper produced by scholars of Ph.D. during their academics.

THESIS-PAPER - It is a general project work accomplished by degree/PG students for various projects.

DISSERTATIONS - It’s a sort of thesis submitted in support of candidature for a professional qualification.


ASSIGNMENTS - They are regular tasks given to the students during UG/PG/Diploma etc.REPORTS - They are daily, monthly, quarterly, half yearly, yearly reports, research reports or project reports given to all kinds of college going students.

SPEECHES - Speeches delivered in every day’s context in various places as a way of establishing interaction between the speaker and the audience.

PRESENTATIONS - The business professionals very frequently work on presentations to make a group of people understand the things via slide shows.


PROJECTS - They are the bulk assignments given to people to be complete in a fixed amount of time.CASE STUDY - They are the reports prepared for a specified project after SWOT analysis.

COURSEWORK - These are some work related to the course or syllabus to the students.

CREATIVE WRITING - It is an exercise for the school/college going students to develop a skill of creative writing.

ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY - It refers to writing a book in any discipline.

GRANT PROPOSAL- It is a business project proposal, which is going to present in front of the officers for being considered and granted.

Since there is a huge demand of custom writers in various fields, a specific industry has developed which is involved in custom writing and providing services of a different kind to the people. For every kind of work, there is a specific kind of writer. Everyone has a specialty in his or her own areas. Like a business professional cannot write about the thesis, and a scholar cannot write about case studies. Hence, custom writing is a different segment in the industry apart from article writing and online content editors.


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